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Membership of The Panel is £35.00 per year

As a member you can visit The Panel daily for £2.00, whereas non-members have to purchase temporary membership at £2.50 per day to enjoy the bowling and facilities

Panel matches are held throughout the week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, play starting @ 12.30pm each day

There are usually 2 matches of 31 up and games are played in all weathers so be prepared

Bowlers who wish to be considered for regular matches on "The Panel" should make a member of The Committee aware of this and the requirements of being a Panel player will be explained

Trial matches can be arranged for players who are able to make themselves available on a regular (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) basis to give them the opportunity to feel out the green and for the very critical spectators to view their ability. Also there will usually be betting on the matches, which is why the spectators need to have a chance to formulate an opinion on a bowlers ability

If you are successful and are selected to play on a regular basis, you should find your game improves with playing under the gaze of some of these ultra critical spectators who have bet money on your ability to perform on what is considered to be a very difficult green

The Committee members and Officers are:-

Honorary President: Brian Duncan

Secretary, Treasurer & Greensman: Noel Burrows


Committee members - Neil Bithell, John Crossley (Fixture Sec), Iain Foster, Martin Bacon, Andy Morrison & Kevin Truby.

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