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The Lancashire Professional Bowling Association or The British Crown Green Professional Bowling Association (The Panel) as it is now called, was formed on 21st October 1908.

The original founders, taken from the minutes of the first meeting held at the Mitre Hotel, Manchester were:-

Messrs. D. Gee (Chairman), F. Halliwell, A. Hoyle, Walmersley, W. Garner, Baron, B. Gilpin and Hall.

There were other strong supporters actively engaged in the formation of TheAssociation and amongst those also extensively mentioned are:-

W. Preston, J. Sharples, L. Banks, J. Mee, J. Rawcliffe, W. H. Travis, G. R. Crankshaw, E. Webster, E. Peel, Shaw, Waddicor, J. Westall and J. Mitchell.

Panel bowls was played on a number of greens predominantly in & around the Westhoughton area of the North West on a rotation basis. Greens such as Sunnyside, Four Lane Ends, British Legion to name only a few which are no longer with us, until they were finally able to purchase their current home of the Red Lion Bowling Green in the 90's.

All fixtures are now played there unless the green needs to be rested (bear in mind they play all year round in all weathers) when they may hire another local green to play on.

Extract taken from ‘How to play bowls Scientifically’ by H. P. Webber and James Hartley, F.R.S.L.


Alan Wilkinson, pictured above, now sadly deceased, was President of The Panel for many years.

He was a great benefactor not only to The Panel, but also to bowls in general, generously supporting many handicaps all over the crown green bowling scene


He was a decent player himself, who competed at a very high standard for many years, but most of all, he was a gentleman

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