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Well we had an excellent afternoons bowling with 3 very competitive games between some very good players and I think I can safely say the bowlers enjoyed the experience as well.

The quality of play in all the games was very good and each match has been recorded by Mel Evans MBE & Steve Davies for transmission on the internet. Each game below has a link to where you can view the games. 

I would like to thank Mel & Steve on behalf of the Panel for their involvement, because not only did they recruit the players we wanted to play in the Challenge Matches, they then gave up all of their Sunday to record the games for us, so it is probably true to say but for them, it wouldn't have happened.

It would also be remiss of me not to thank Mike Holden who assisted Mel & Steve by doing the commentary throughout.

The idea of running the event was to try and bring the uniqueness of Panel bowling to a wider audience and although the attendance on the day was a little disappointing, (we did foolishly hold it on Mothers Day) we expect decent viewing figures when it goes live.

Anyway, the scores are probably what you are looking for so:-

The game between the two "All England" winners went to Greg Smith who beat Ashley Daykin 31 - 24.

The ladies then took centre stage and showcased their considerable ability to the appreciation of what can be a very critical audience and Katrina Earl just got the better of Lynn Pritchatt 31 - 25.

Then the afternoon concluded with a really good game between arguably the top two around at the moment and both Graeme & Gary showed not only their ability but also green knowledge having had a number of games on the Red Lion in the past. There was never much in it until Graeme produced a 10 break playing diagonally across the green which not only earned him the highest break of the day prize of £50.00 (kindly donated by one of our members Ian Rosbottom) but undoubtably contributed to him winning the game 31 - 23.

Finally I would like to record our thanks to the sponsors of the games, all of whom are Panel members.


The first match was sponsored by John Wood (Plumber John) + another Panel regular who wished to remain anonymous.

The ladies were sponsored by Leigh Cables Distribution which was kindly donated on their behalf by Syd Heath.

The final game was generously sponsored by Bucks Head, Abram whose licensee is Chris Moody. They also donated a meal for four as a raffle prize

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